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Multi-optical Fusion Intelligent Inspection Instrument

Feature of Product

2.  Uncooled infrared thermal imaging long-distance precision thermometer, breaking the 150-meter distance Accurate temperature measurement

3.  Day and night type all-weather space distance automatic measuring instrument, breaking through the existing height measurement and distance measurement

The limitations of manual recording and calculation of the instrument

4.  Multi-spectral fusion telescope with integrated touch screen and VR dual display, breaking through the traditional Telescope operation and observation adaptability limitations

1.  Industrial-grade 5G handheld inspection equipment

Core Functions

Infrared Thermal Imaging Temperature Measurement

Infrared Thermal Imaging Multi-point Temperature Measurement

Double light fusion observation

Night ranging

Daytime ranging

Altimeter ranging

Full Color Night Vision

Optical Zoom

1300 meters far building

560 meters far high tower

Telescope shooting live

Night Vision Effect

Night field scene live work

Support Beidou GPS dual-mode positioning service

The positioning accuracy reaches the meter level

VR interactive display

VR HD display

Multiple data overlay display

Full viewing angle display

SOS for help

One-click call for help

Docking control center and emergency rescue center

Accurate Locating

VR + Positioning + SOS

Product packaging

Whether it is a routine inspection, a refined inspection, a special inspection, or a night inspection, it is enough to bring it !

Multi-optical fusion intelligent inspection instrumentRelying on the State Grid 2019 Science and Technology Guide Project “Research and Application of Highly Integrated Mobile Inspection Technology for Transmission Channels”, it came into being as a key promotion and application project of the State Grid Equipment Department.

The software and hardware of the product are all independently developed, and have passed the acceptance inspection by Director Zhou Hong of the Ministry of Science and Technology of the State Grid as an expert and the leader of the acceptance group in December 2021.

The product is now capable of mass production, application and promotion, and it has been tried out in Zhejiang Electric Power, Beijing Electric Power, and Wusu Electric Power Company.

Scope of Application

Application Highlights

Inspection operations are more professional, more efficient, simpler and safer