Numbers of Innovative Patents

Efficient Production Team
Professional Flight Test Base
Thoughtful Training and Teaching

Air-Water      Dual-Role      Rescue      Drone      System

10 Min

TY-3R Maximum Flight Time


Device Protection Class

190 N

Maximum Buoyancy

Load approximately 2 adults at the same time

4.38 kg

TY-3R Mass (4Axis 4Rotors)

Guangzhou Didiok Makings Co.,Ltd was established in 2015,located in Pan yu District, Guangzhou City, China .Didiok Makings has been strived to innovate for the benefit of its customers,Our company has been committed to the research and development of new energy products, new material technology and service promotion as well as the sales of insulation materials, fireproof materials, emergency rescue equipment, intelligent wearable equipment,and the import and export of goods and its technology,which successively obtained a number of invention patents and technical achievements.

Guangzhou Didiok Makings co.,LTD

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