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HN-850 Smart Wearable Host

Secure Encryption

Report Editing

One-click for help

HD Imaging

DMO Intercom



Sensor Access

4G Private

Infrared temperature measurement 

Multispectral Fusion

Accurate Locating

All Netcom


New Product Appraisal Meeting

The product form is innovative, and it has carried out innovative design in the aspects of mobile inspection function, appearance, performance and practicability, reaching the international leading level




Solve the problem of lightweight carrying of manual inspection equipment

Product Structure Analysis


Core Functions

Infrared Thermal Imaging Temperature Measurement

Dual light fusion infrared thermal imaging temperature measurement function

Temperature measurement value visible light synchronous display function

Support the measurement of the maximum temperature of the visible area of the object lens and the temperature of the custom target point

Knife head overheating

Detailed information display function

Laser marking and positioning function

Bad Contact

Line Overheating

Inspection Report

Infrared Temperature Measurement


Off-net direct intercom

PTT off-net pass-through

Output power: high power 2W, low power 0.5W

3 kilometers from the city, 5 kilometers from the plain

Support intercom recording

Sub-frequency Range: 400~470MHz adjustable

The voice channel for making calls operates independently

Support analog mode and digital mode, support SMS

Based on the unified identity code (ID) specification for physical assets of the power grid


UHF/RFID Scanning


ID Card 

Barcode Identification

Barcode Identification

QR Code Identification

Through various coding information such as equipment, assets, projects, materials, etc.

Strengthen user ID card security authentication and personnel management and control applications

Promote the deepening application of asset and equipment account, card, and property management and control

Test Point Punch

Realize DMO off-network direct connection, provide functions such as audio and video intercom and data processing and transmission, and become a safe collection and storage exchange center for field operation data

Data security interaction

DMO ad hoc network communication

The mobile inspection terminal integrates a variety of communication networks and security authentication access modules, and supports dual 4G public and private networks

4G Private+Public Networks


Multi-module Communication

Routing Function

The access data can be analyzed, stored, forwarded, displayed and operated

realizes diverse sensor data access

provides multi-mode interfaces to facilitate sensor data access

The routing function enables different networks to communicate with each other


Track playback, navigate unfamiliar paths

Abnormal Temperature Accurate Location Positioning

Induction identification equipment RFID electronic tags Equipment


Worker Action Process Management

Electronic Map


Precise Positioning

Real-time video push of various users such as on-site personnel, background control personnel, vehicles, etc., enables emergency dispatchers to be on the scene and visualized remote dispatch and command

Integrate multi-directional cluster intercom, team communication, and interactive information with each other, and achieve precise command and rapid coordination, so that command and communication have no dead ends and emergency information can be communicated at any time

Remote emergency, mobile command

Integrate wired and wireless networks, integrate functions such as voice scheduling, video scheduling, and multimedia information, and realize real-time, interactive, and mobile scheduling

Unified communication, three-dimensional scheduling

Video Intercom


Wide-area coverage, efficient collaboration

Cluster scheduling

One-click for help(sos)

Change emergency phone numbers at any time

When it is difficult to express language or make a phone call, you can quickly call for help, make a call, send a text message, and send a location

Disaster rescue When your life is in danger, you can call for help with one click and ask for support

Electric power industry When being attacked by poisons during field inspection of power transmission, one-key call for help and positioning information can be provided at the same time


One-click recording

One-click photo

Low temperature environment operation

One-Click Recording / One-Click photo

Strong light visible operation

Other Common Functions

Glove mode/Finger with water operation


Substation Equipment Inspection

Command and Control

Emergency Repair

Mobile Inspection

Transmission line inspection

Power Distribution Detection

Logistics and Warehousing

Scope of application


State Grid Shanxi Electric Power Company

Chongqing Railway Bureau

State Grid Henan Electric Power Company

Fuxin Railway Bureau

In the pilot application of Nanjing Dongshanqiao 500KV substation and Changsha Lituo 220KV substation, the intelligent wearable host is the center of interconnection, and the display, storage and interaction of video intercom, cluster scheduling and inspection data and peripheral data access are realized. System apps work well

110kV Suzhou Jiuli Substation and Dongsha Substation carry out pilot application of 4G private network  communication and partial discharge detection

State Grid Jiangsu Electric Power Company

Shanghai Power Supply Company

State Grid Hubei Electric Power Company

State Grid Hunan Electric Power Company

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