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Multifunctional Fire Extinguishing Apron

Home Essentials

Repeat Using

Easy to put on and take off

High Temperature non-flammable

Fire Fighting Equipment

Put Out Fire Quickly

Fire Certification

Efficient and Concise

01  Non-combustible, fireproof, insulating, high temperature resistance (up to 1296℃)

03.   Very easy to cover uneven surfaces

02.   Scientific design, easy to wear and remove, beautiful and practical, light in weight, soft in texture, and non-irritating to the skin

05.   Fire resistance - fire up to class F (non-combustible) (GB8624-2006; German standard DIN4102-F class)

06.   Corrosion-resistant, moth-proof, mildew-proof, non-toxic, tasteless

04.   No expiry date, reusable without breakage

The multi-functional fire extinguishing apron  is made of special composite materials, especially suitable for wearing in the kitchen, it can block oil stains, prevent fire, and can withstand high temperature up to 1296 ℃, effectively protecting the human body

A simple and efficient  kitchen fire extinguishing appliance.  Velcro sticks with buckles, easy to put on and take off, and quickly take off the covering fire source when encountering the initial fire of the oil pan to effectively extinguish the fire

In case of fire

it can also be worn on the body for emergency escape protection

to reduce the damage of the flame to the human body