4. Equipped with 2000 liters of water tank and 300 liters of Class A foam mixed liquid tank (supporting two tethered firefighting drones to spray foam for 2 hours).
3. Support two fire-fighting drones to spray foam at the same time to extinguish the fire. One rescue window has no man-machine, and the vehicle-mounted drone commands the monitoring platform.
2. It has a mooring system and a power generation system, which can be used for long-term fire.
1. Fire trucks with aircompressed foam system and high-pressure water cannon function carry 60 high-pressure water pumps and Class.

Recognized by industry celebrities


"Oil-driven speed control multi-rotor" UAV has been recognized by industry celebrities

Current Location:
JX-1900 PRO

A 30x optical zoom camera

High altitude fire-fighting operations

Heavy load

Folding portable design

JX-1900 PROFire emergency rescue drone

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Fire engine fire fighting system
DIDIOK MAKINGS new generation of locomotive-linked high-rise fire fighting and rescue system is a powerful fire fighting equipment with multiple functions of "tethered spraying, ground fighting, fire inspection, emergency power supply and mobile command", which greatly improves the actual combat capability of fire fighting drones and further improves the efficiency of fire fighting and rescue.
5. Call system with flashing warning lights, 360-degree panoramic driving assistance system, 360-degree lifting rotary lighting system, and roof water cannon system.

Technical parameter

Aircraft parameter duster
Symmetric motor wheelbase 2064mm

(length *width *height)

Expand: 2710mm x 2704mm x944mm

Fold: 1100mm x 970mm x944mm

Blade specifications

Blade size and diameter: 48 inches 

Material: carbon fiber

Maximum take off weight 

145 kg (sealevel)

Maximum rising speed


Ranging range


Maximum descent speed


Maximum horizontal flight speed

GPS mode: 5m/s

Motion mode: 3-10m/s adjustable (windless environment) Attitude mode: 15m/s (windless environment)

Maximum tolerable wind speed

The maximum flying altitude is 5000m-
Power battery high voltage LiHV 14S-
(Battery version) The maximum flight time is 60 minutes-
Recommended working environment temperature-20 C to+55 C

Application Scenes

Muli County Forest Fire Incident

At about 18:00 on March 30, 2019, a forest fire broke out in Lier Village, Yalongjiang Town, Muli County, Liangshan Prefecture, Sichuan Province. The accident killed 30 people, including 27 firefighters.

According to the statistics of the Office of the National Forest and Grassland Fire Control Headquarters, a total of 2,478 forest fires occurred nationwide in 2018, including 894 large forest fires, 3 major forest fires, and 2 extra-large forest fires. 

The affected forest area was 16,309 hectares,cause huge casualties and property damage.

Communication is difficult and dangerous

The communication infrastructure in the forest area is poor, and mobile phones and wireless Internet access devices are usually unavailable in the deep forest. Firefighters without communication are like blind people.Without guidance, they will endanger the lives of firefighters at any time

The complex terrain of the forest area, the uncertain wind direction, and the thick forest humus layer make it difficult to extinguish the fire, which brings huge difficulties to the rescue

Complex terrain and changing environment

Forest Fire