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Double rotor heavy load unmanned helicopter

JX300 model vertical dual-rotor unmanned helicopter by 


Maximum take-off weight (MTOW) ≤300Kg

Maximum payload ≤140Kg

Maximum flight altitude 3500 meters above sea level

Maximun flight speed ≥140km/h

JX300 model vertical dual-rotor unmanned 

helicopter by DIDIOK MAKINGS Parameters Table





Jx300 Seriies Tandem 

rotor unmanned helicopter platform

Maximum take-off weight (MTOW)


Maximum payload



Endurance time

3-4 hours

Maximum flight altitude

3500 meters above sea level

Maximun flight speed


Aviation engine

65 horsepower

Rotor diameter

340 cm

Carbon fiber material

Aircraft Dimensions



Lingxiang OA Flight control system

Flight modes

Hover,constant speed/altitude cruising,coordinated turning,oblique climb/circular climb,stbility augmentation takeoff/landing,and automatic takeoff/landing



RTK Differential GPS


Positioning accuracy

Less than 10cm



Communication distance of 64km

Supports esternal data link

Control ground station

Windows system,equipped with electronic maps,virtural instruments,comprehensive displays,instruction panels,route setting,status monitoring,and alarm functions-

Maximum take-off weight 650kg

Maximum flight speed ≤160km/h,cruising speed≤140km/h

Payload (including fuel) 

altitude Below 3000m,≤220Kg;altitude Below 4500m,≤180Kg

Maximum flight altitude altitude 6500m

JX500 unmanned helicopter

Main parameters of flight platform Description

Structure type

 Tandem twin-rotor drone

Engine type

ROTAX 915IS Output power 141HP

Maximum take-off weight


Aircraft weight


Payload (including fuel)

altitude Below 3000m,≤220Kg;altitude Below 4500m,≤180Kg

Maximum flight altitude

altitude 6500m

Duration of flight

2-4h,max-endurance 10h

Maximum flight speed

≤160km/h,cruising speed≤140km/h

Hover positioning accuracy




Wind loading rating

≤Level 7

Main parameters of flight control system

Flight control type


Control mode

Manual state/speed control

Flight function

One-button take off/landing, autonomous 

cruise, mission termination and recovery, 

speed remote adjustment, position remote 

adjustment, navigation point remote adjustment, navigation point hover, conventional 

return, return landing, internal cut point, past 

this navigation point, cut course, over point hover, over point hover, navigation point 

take-off and landing...

Flight safety

Out of control protection/audible and 

visual alarm

Data link

Standard configuration 915MHZ/2.4GHZ, automatic frequency hopping (optional: 840MHZ, etc.), communication distance up to 64km, support external data link, support 

satellite communication.

Navigation/location module

Standard with Beidou (optional GPS/ 



static accuracy≤1.0°,

dynamic accuracy≤2°

Operating temperature

≤160km/h,cruising speed≤140km/h

Hover positioning accuracy



JX500 unmanned helicopter Parameter Table 

Transport function module

Throw device/stage throw device

Maximum weight per throw≤120Kg

Hoisting/landing gear

Rope length≥50m,Maximum load of rope≤200Kg

Circulation box

Maximum load up to 150kg.Support customized

Optional collocation

Photoelectric pod/seawater sampler/loudspeaker...

Industrial control ground station main parameters

Operational mode


Task data

Supports data recording/playback/import/ 



Support authorization management

Cluster control

Support multi-aircraft formation flight/relay/

network control 

Communications setting

Support WIFI/4G/5G,Satellite communication

Authority control

Support external command system

Digital map support

Support real-time change of flight plan in the air, support real-time monitoring of UAV status, sending control commands, monitoring mission equipment 



Instrument display/numerical display/curve 

display /

Support display flight time

Engine running time, accumulated flight time and accumulated engine running time, etc., provide time reference for system maintenance

Operating temperature


Working time



Dual display screen,luminosity:500nit

Product Series

Forest fire fighting

forest fire reconnaissance

Building Fire Fighting

Urban Fire Reconnaissance

Plant Protection Drone

Disaster Rescue

Recognized by industry celebrities

"Oil-driven speed control multi-rotor" UAV has been recognized by industry celebrities

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Competitive Advantage

Application Scenes

Muli County Forest Fire Incident

At about 18:00 on March 30, 2019, a forest fire broke out in Lier Village, Yalongjiang Town, Muli County, Liangshan Prefecture, Sichuan Province. The accident killed 30 people, including 27 firefighters.

According to the statistics of the Office of the National Forest and Grassland Fire Control Headquarters, a total of 2,478 forest fires occurred nationwide in 2018, including 894 large forest fires, 3 major forest fires, and 2 extra-large forest fires. 

The affected forest area was 16,309 hectares,cause huge casualties and property damage.

Communication is difficult and dangerous

The communication infrastructure in the forest area is poor, and mobile phones and wireless Internet access devices are usually unavailable in the deep forest. Firefighters without communication are like blind people.Without guidance, they will endanger the lives of firefighters at any time

The complex terrain of the forest area, the uncertain wind direction, and the thick forest humus layer make it difficult to extinguish the fire, which brings huge difficulties to the rescue

Complex terrain and changing environment

Forest Fire


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Resource advantage

Industry-University-Research Cooperation

Laboratory of Aerothermal Energy Storage and 

Energy Supply Technology, Beihang University

Industry advantage

Unmanned Helicopter

1、The volume of the hanging space is the same, and the price is much lower than that of the helicopter

2、Good mobility, fast loading and unloading on the vehicle, and reaching the rescue scene through vehicle transportation

3、High reliability, even if one engine fails, it can return safely

Electric multi-rotor

The electric multi-rotor drone has a maximum load of 20 kilograms, and the flight time does not exceed 20 minutes, which is much lower than that of 

the oil-powered multi-rotor drone in terms of load capacity and flight time

Market Advantages

Fill the Domestic Gap

The unmanned fire fighting equipment market is currently blank in China

with great potential in the future. The market space is a blue ocean. It faces

 the new fire fighting market and solves the pain points of fire rescue