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TY-3R Waters Emergency Rescue Drone Flying Life Buoy
Source: | Author:Rain | Published time: 2023-08-30 | 272 Views | Share:

DIDIOK MAKINGS has a TY-3R water emergency rescue drone, which can also be understood as a flying lifebuoy. It organically integrates the drone and the lifebuoy, 

and is integrally formed. The waterproof level is IP68, and it can stay in 1.5 meters of water for one hour. It can still fly normally after surfacing, which shows its high waterproof and compressive strength. 

In addition, the flight speed of this product can reach 13 meters per second, and the wind resistance level can reach level 6, which is beyond imagination.

 In addition, the one-piece design makes the rescue more convenient and efficient, and effectively solves the problems of environmental interference restrictions during rescue operations.

Moreover, the product also supports two modes of fixed-altitude and fixed-point. In the fixed-point mode, 

the number of satellites needs to reach more than ten. The aircraft can accurately hover to the target point and correct the position by itself without being affected by the wind. In the fixed-altitude mode, 

the aircraft can Take off without a satellite. During the flight, the altitude remains the same, but it will be affected by the wind and move horizontally with the wind, which needs to be adjusted by the stick. In general,

 it has solutions to the problems encountered in various rescue scenarios.

The positioning of this product is mainly to solve the problems of untimely rescue and environmental restrictions, and it is a rescue solution that is targeted. It is equivalent to a special student of the rescue team, 

and the advantage is only one word: "fast". When a drowning incident is found, we can immediately start the aircraft and fly to the person who fell into the water. The aircraft has a buoyancy of 190N like a life buoy. 

The person who fell into the water can catch it and escape from life danger, and then they can save themselves or wait for rescue.

Water rescue scenarios are inherently complex and changeable, and it is difficult and unrealistic to rely on one product to solve all problems. When Chinese people encounter disasters, they always say "if one side is 

in trouble, all sides will support", so it is the same when it is applied to life-saving products. We don't say which product is not good enough, but whether it can play a substantial role in the rescue scene. As long as it 

has value, then we should affirm it to expand the types of our rescue equipment and strengthen our rescue. Strength, do everything possible to make our rescue operations foolproof, and protect every intact home.

We have released product videos on Facebook and YouTube, and those who are interested can click the link below to learn more.