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Dual-rotor heavy payload fire-fighting drone
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JX300 uses a 65HP water-cooled inlet aviation engine as its power system. Its maximum takeoff weight is 300kg, and its maximum payload is 140kg. It can fly at a speed of up to 120 km/h, with a flight endurance of 3-4 hours. JX300 can be widely used in industries such as military and police surveillance, battlefield transportation, pesticide spray, and express delivery transportation. It is equipped with a custom-made fully automatic flight control computer that has various control methods and safety measures such as automatic takeoff/landing, automatic route flying, and hovering.

Both the aircraft platform and flight control system of JX300 are independently developed and produced by DIDIOK MAKINGS. The aircraft platform and flight control system have a highly integrated electromechanical coordination, which greatly improves the system's reliability and maintainability. DIDIOK MAKINGS can customize the aircraft platform, integrate control of customer-carried equipment, and perform secondary development of ground stations according to user requirements.

JX300 has various safety monitoring and processing functions, including GPS signal monitoring, link status monitoring, voltage monitoring, etc. In an emergency, it can perform emergency landing, automatic return, and loss of control protection by pressing a button. At the same time, it provides redundant backup for the important sensors of the flight control system according to user needs.

JX300 uses differential GPS positioning, and its flight accuracy can reach the centimeter level. It supports mobile network transmission and utilizes the Internet to monitor the flight status of unmanned aerial vehicles in real-time or remotely control the UAV, thereby breaking the distance limitation of conventional data transmission.

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