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HN-850 Smart Wearable Host
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The HN-850 is a mobile interactive terminal specifically designed for on-site operations. It carries multiple functions including a smart phone, walkie-talkie, PDA for inspections, infrared thermal imager, and NFC card reader. It is a versatile inspection and survey tool that can cater to the needs of numerous industries.

The HN-850 utilizes a 4G private network/VPN private network/public network/DMO seven-mode communication design, enabling seamless and intelligent interaction. The innovative dual-light fusion infrared thermal imaging module provides real-time monitoring of target temperatures, with temperature measurement visible on the screen. DMO technology ensures voice and text messages can be simultaneously transmitted, while multi-communication means such as 4G private network/VPN private network facilitate secure access and real-time interaction for mobile inspection data within power grids.

Moreover, a universal communication interface has been developed to enable the device to interact with professional testing equipment such as infrared, ultraviolet, and discharge detection devices for data transmission. It boasts an IP67 protection level, providing durability and reliability in harsh environments.

The device has undergone field tests in power companies in Jiangsu, Shanghai, Henan, Hunan, Hubei, and Shaanxi, significantly improving the efficiency and easing the labor intensity of frontline workers. The HN-850 can be customized for specific industry needs, including power, railway, petrochemical, airport, customs, public safety, firefighting, frontier defense, and other fields. It is a dependable solution for equipment intelligent inspection and emergency response, providing all-around protection for operators.

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